A day at the museum

One of my new year goals is to start blogging.Challenge accepted! This is my first outfit post sorry that it is not that clear my camera died and my dads is not the best, also I am not very photogenic, and my brother was getting tired of taking pictures (plus it was freezing outside). I promise I will try to take better pictures:) Today I went to the  Bowers Museum, my dad mentioned there was a costume exhibit and every first Sunday of the month entrance to the museum  is free. We had nothing planned so we decided to check the exhibits out . The exhibits were so interesting even though I specifically went to see the costume exhibit my favorite exhibit ended being the "Read my pins:the Madeleine Albright Collection". It showcased Albright's pin collections that once first secretary of state wore during her period as public service. I love this exhibit because every pin she wore had a power to convey to the public what she was feeling. It became her signature. But back to my outfit this is what I wore to the museum. I am wearing the shirt from my November wish list and the hat I got it on sale at H&M for only $2 bucks,what a steal! 

Outfit details